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What is your screening & hiring process?

Check out this handy illustration of our hiring process.

Each candidate under consideration is provided with an in-depth behavioral interview and behavioral based survey. Computerized and/or written evaluations are used to help determine the individual’s skill set and level of proficiency.

A follow up interview may be necessary to make sure there is an understanding of the perfect fit requirements for our candidate and our client. Finally, all Banner Personnel and government required paperwork is completed and certain positions may require a substance screening, criminal background investigation, education verification, or credit check. The process concludes with safety training and orientation to Banner and possibly the client where our employee will be working to ensure there is complete understanding of all policies and procedures.

What type of staffing services do you offer? What are your guarantees?

We offer a range of staffing services to best fit your needs:

  • Direct Placement
  • Contract
  • Temporary-to-hire
  • Temporary or supplemental
  • Project Staffing
  • Vendor Management programs
  • On-site Management systems
  • Payroll Services

We stand behind the placements we make 100%, but the specific terms of our guarantees vary dependent upon the contract terms and positions being filled.

How does Banner Personnel assure I’m getting the most out of my expenditure?

We strive to provide an employment experience that fosters stronger candidates and longer-term dedication which will pay off in dividends in the long run. There is a cost in employee turnover, and finding the right candidate the first time offsets this cost. No associate will be assigned to a client opening if Banner Personnel believes the assignment will not be completed.

How is Banner Personnel different than other staffing firms?

One thing that makes Banner Personnel different than other staffing firms are our employees, who are expertly trained in matching candidates to jobs, and up to date on current trends in staffing and HR.

Banner Personnel is also proud to specialize in many unique workforce areas, with inside knowledge that assures we’re most capable of making the right placement in a variety of disciplines, including support professionals, accounting & finance, industrial, and sales and marketing.

Our internal staff receives training and we encourage Certified Staffing Personnel (CSP) certification. The majority of our staff are CSP certified, which not only includes the initial process, but the on-going CE units required to maintain that certification so training is continuous.

What are the advantages of working with Banner Personnel?

Working with Banner Personnel removes the headaches of personnel management. You maintain control over all business decisions, and supervise the workforce and we supply the rest. We take care of all payroll and paperwork responsibilities, including unemployment, workers compensation, benefits, hiring, and orientation. All this leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

What quality assurance measures does Banner Personnel follow?

We have developed programs and strategies that ensure our employees come to work for you with the proper qualifications and experience.

  • Individual Recruitment Plans
  • Specialized Applicant Screening and Referral Programs
  • Certification and Degree Verification
  • Custom Testing and Training Programs

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